7 Dec


Group Buys (beta)


Several new states have been introduced into the life cycle of releases:


Group buys can be started by gpl sites, developers and suppliers if they have enough group buy credits.


Group buy credits can be earned automatically at each renewal or by supplying serial keys for requested releases (1 group buy point for every version change). Suppliers cannot request an update for their own releases. We can reuse serial keys even if they’re already registered for a domain but we’ll need the domain name.


If the initial cost of an item is 100 credits, the starter will consume 100 credits to make the group buy active, next user who joins will spend 50 credits, next one – 33, the fourth will spend 25 credits – when the group buy is ended a final cost is calculated (initial cost divided by the number of users who joined the group buy – 25 credits)  and a settlement will take place: first user receives back 75 credits, the second one 25 and the third one 8.


A the end of a group buy gplcanyon will purchase that item and provide the file/s.



27 Aug

~1000 inactive accounts deleted
– we ‘ve applied a security patch where an unauthenticated user could’ve taken advantage of a recently generated download link.


17 Jun

The version numbers are now clickable in single post view, clicking on it will trigger a notice that the release is out of date. Marking a release out of date when it’s not will remove the ability to mark other releases (for developer accounts – until the next billing cycle).


03 Jun

Developers meet the FileKeeper. As you know we always wanted to offer an unlimited downloads plan for genuine developers but that goal was hard to achieve with so many gpl site owners taking our releases and sell them as their own. FK is an automated solution that will look at what you mark as “old”, what you search for, what you download, when you download and how much you download (and other metrics) and if it detects an unnatural behavior it will turn your user account icon orange as a warning.


27 May

A top gpl site who wished not to be named has joined GPL CANYON. Along with new, innovative services we’ll soon provide even more releases. Support response rate will be slower until new users will be ported into our system.


02 Feb

The repository page has been compacted and an advanced filtering system is available for donors. Experimental check for update has been introduced for some “Developers” meaning that for an ever expanding pool of items clicking the “old” button will automatically compare on site version with the official one.


Jan 26

May 1 will mark our second birthday and we’ll celebrate it by hosting the first edition of “GPL DAY”, a tribute to the users who can’t afford to pay a monthly fee but helped us a lot when we started. Friday, May 1 from 00:00 to 23:59 PST all releases will be available for free, no account needed.


Nov 19



Oct 09

Security vulnerability discovered in the Motors WordPress Theme, versions prior to – update as soon as possible. Item is was temporarily available to visitors.


Sep 15

Friendly reminder for (gpl) sites disguised as developers: redistributing our content is forbidden without an affiliate account.


Aug 31

~2500 inactive accounts deleted.


Aug 25

Monthly subscriptions will start with 10 daily downloads and will increase by 1 at each automatic renewal.


Aug 20

Elementor Pro is up for grabs for the next 24 hours (expired).


Aug 10

The updates page has been improved, now you can download any release directly from the table.


Aug 01

~1000 inactive accounts deleted. We regularly delete users with no activity in the last month.


Jul 24

For every $500 donated you get a license (lifetime ones included) for an item of your choice – available for Junior and Developer memberships.


Jul 20

Accounts associated with gplking, gplcoffee, gplhub and other gplcanyon clones have been restricted for violating the TOS.


Jul 09

Introducing development versions of plugins – available for visitors even the stable version is not.


Jul 07

Unlock Visitor+ membership and get access to all items. Completely FREE.


Jul 05

Additional checks may incur for non US/EU donations.


Jul 03

Earn 100 points daily until Friday by visiting the repository page (expired).


Jun 15

To continue redistributing our items gpl sites or other “lockers” and forums are required to register as affiliates.


Jun 13

ENDED Limited offer: donate now for any 3, 6 or 12 months access and get 10% off with the code GPL10.


Jun 10

YITH can’t be updated atm, the others are serving the same old plugins with manually increased version number to look updated. Stay safe and informed.


May 29
Elementor has a 25% off sale until 4th of June. See all plans here.