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AffiliateWP – Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms

AffiliateWP - Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms features

  • Create a simple affiliate registration form
  • Create an advanced affiliate registration form
  • Create custom email tags for AffiliateWP emails
  • See form submission data on the review affiliate screen
  • View an affiliate’s registration submission at any time
  • Use any of the available Ninja Forms add-ons
  • Send your affiliates to a mailing list at registration. Requires one of the mailing list add-ons.
  • Receive slack notifications when affiliates register. Requires the slack add-on.
  • Send the submitted data to any external URL using a GET or POST request. Requires the webhooks add-on.
  • Show or hide fields, change field values, or send specific notifications all based upon user input. Requires the the conditional logic add-on.
  • Have affiliates upload a file. Requires the File Upload add-on.
  • Get push notifications when an affiliate registers. Requires the Pushover add-on.
  • Create PDFs from your affiliate registrations. Requires the PDF Form Submission add-on.
Version 1.1.13
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Author URL https://affiliatewp.com/add-ons/pro/affiliate-forms-for-ninja-forms/
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