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Astra Pro Sites

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Preview any ready website on the same page within the WordPress admin area. See the requirements and plugins that are necessary to replicate the demos on your site.

Astra Pro Sites 4.3.3 changelog

- Improvement: AI Builder - Error Boundary Screen in case of unexpected errors.
- Improvement: AI Builder - Removed phone validations to match this phone format - Ex: +1 (888) SIXT-CAR (749-8227)
- Improvement: ZipWP Images - Updated preview screen for better UX.
- Fix: AI Builder - Better handling of console errors due to missing URLs in Image object from ZipWP images API.
- Fix: Design Kit - Fixed a console error in Gutenberg Templates library due to missing URLs for author and engine for placeholder images.
- Fix: Resolved PHP 8.2 deprecated notice related to the creation of dynamic properties.
- Fix: ZipWP Images - "Select" of media library was not showing in the customiser preview.