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Bricksforge features

Bricksforge is a powerful set of tools to extend the Bricks functionality.

  • Specify different settings for individual user roles and determine the appearance of the builder. You can even create completely new roles.
  • Customize the Bricks Builder for current user roles or create new ones. You can change the display status of the elements, but also adjust the order via drag&drop.
  • Customize the main builder colors and create different themes for different user roles. For example, you can customize the builder to the UI of the project.
  • There are many buttons in Bricks that your client do not use. They would overwhelm them. Therefore, you can reduce certain areas, such as the toolbar, to the essentials.
  • Convert CSS code to Global Classes with one click! So you can easily include your favorite CSS framework and use it in the builder. All classes are not dependent on elements and can be used everywhere!
  • Each set contains global classes to which you can assign a prefix. The classes that are generated based on your CSS code are displayed in the builder as locked Global Classes.
  • Bricksforge provides you with a small CSS framework with essentials like clamp() for font sizes, colors and spacing. Also you can use a 12 column grid for more flexibility in your design.
  • You can activate or deactivate your individually created global classes with one click. They will be available in the builder only if the status is set to Active. This way you always have full control.