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Street Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

EasyEat - Street Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

EasyEat features

EasyEat is a stylish and modern Street Food WordPress theme. It is fit for all kinds of food business, such as food truck street food, restaurant, cafe, sports pub, bakery, food portfolio and gallery, online shop, creative bar, pizza place, online reservation and menu, organic food, chef restaurant, football pub, buffet,snack bar, cafeteria, coffee bar, team room, tea shop bistro, brasserie, wine bar, cafe bar, cybercafe, anticafe, milk bar, diner, eatery, canteen, fast food and burger place, eating house, eater, eating place, lunchroom, fast-food place, grill, pizzeria, beer garden, cocktail lounger, drinkery, inn, alehouse, baroom, roadhouse, beer joint, saloon, taproom, happy hour.

EasyEat 1.4.0 changelog

Version: 1.4.0
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: support for the new image generation model DALL-E-3
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option for choosing Stable Diffusion API server (stablediffusionapi.com or modelslab.com)
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option "Autoload list of models" in Stable Diffusion and Stability AI API settings
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: new models for Upscale (Stability AI) and Stable Diffusion.
        - AI Helper: Chatbot AI Assistant to help with basic theme customization (title, tagline, logo, colors)
        - AI Helper: support for Flowise AI API for chatbots
        - AI Helper: support for Open AI Assistants API (GPT-4)
        - AI Helper: support for Google AI API (aka Gemini)
        - AI Helper: parameters for changing text and placeholders in AI Chat, Text Generator and Image Generator shortcodes
        - AI Helper: "Embed External Chatbots" options
        - AI Helper: "LoRA model" parameter for submodels
        - AI Helper: "Proxy URL" parameter for API settings of Open AI and Google AI
        - AI Helper: a "model choice" field in Gutenberg editor, Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes
        - AI Helper: customization parameters for styling a chat window in "AI Chat" shortcode
        - AI Helper: Popup Layout for "AI Chat" shortcode
        - AI Helper: "Remember on reload" option for "AI Chat" shortcode
        - "Permanent" and switcher customization parameters for Dark/Light Switcher shortcode
        - "Categories Order" option for the "Categories list" widget
        - A contact form selection option for individual Team posts that overrides the global option for CPT Team
        - Compatibility with The GDPR Framework plugin
        - Meta data (variations) to the cart page
        - Layout "Simple" for the Hotspot widget
        - An option to change "More" button text for the Categories List widget
        - Script for Bg-Canvas (Dynamic Background) on mobile devices
        - Script for dropdown shift in RTL version
        - PHP 8 compatibility: $content=null replaced with $content=''
        - Switcher and Image Generator scripts
        - Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS (xxx_is_external_url() function)
        - Text shifting for "Background Text" module
        - "WooCommerce Search" filter
        - Styles for video added in portfolio items
        - SVG icon animation in the Icons shortcode
        - Blogger shortcode styles
        - QW Extension addon (to version 1.4.1)
        - Elementor styles
        - Gutenberg styles
        - Cookie Information plugin installation recommendation