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Easy Digital Downloads – Invoices

Easy Digital Downloads - Invoices

Easy Digital Downloads – Invoices features

  • This Invoices extension allows your customers to generate an invoice for their purchase after the purchase is complete. These invoices can include complete company details, such as name, address, and tax ID, that customers can use for accounting and tax purposes.
Version 1.3
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Author URL https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/edd-invoices/
Changelog * New: Added a button to download the invoice as a PDF. * New: Added invoice style settings. * New: Added an option to prevent customers from editing their invoice address / billing details. * New: Added "View Invoice" links on admin payment history page and individual payment page. * New: Added the {edd_invoice} email tag to add a "View Invoice" invoice link to purchase receipts. * New: Guests can now view invoices for their purchases via secure URLs. * Improvement: The links to view an invoice now take you straight to the invoice itself instead of the generation form. If enabled, editing fields can still be done via an "Update" button on the invoice itself. * Refactor: The company address setting is now a textarea, allowing for more freeform input. (Existing address details are migrated automatically.) * Fix: Prevent unnecessary files from being deployed.
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