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Events Calendar PRO

the events calendar

Events Calendar PRO features

  • Recurring Events
  • Custom Event Recurrence
  • Venue & Organizer View
  • Additional Fields
  • Location Search and Geolocation
  • Advanced Widgets
Version 5.14.5
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Author URL https://theeventscalendar.com/product/wordpress-events-calendar-pro/
Changelog * Feature - Add Elementor styling support to the `Events View` widget. [ECP-1106] * Fix - Add integrations to ensure the Brizy Page Builder plays well with the [tribe_events] shortcode. [ECP-1094] * Fix - Correct issue with Week and Day views on datepicker change. [ECP-1136] * Fix - Ensure the taxonomy dropdown works in Beaver Builder FE editor. [ECP-1129] * Tweak - Update the calendar print design. [TEC-4425] * Tweak - Added new function load_brizy_builder_integration to selectively load integrations for Brizy Page Builder. [ECP-1094] * Language - 31 new strings added, 313 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 318 obsoleted.
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