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Gravity Perks – File Renamer


Gravity Perks – File Renamer features

  • Effortlessly rename files using a flexible naming template with full merge tag support.
  • Preserve the existing filename while adding text before or after.
  • Include identifying submission data in the filename like the user’s first and last name.
  • Add numeric increments to filenames per field or take control of how duplicate filenames are deduplicated.
  • Automate file organization with custom upload folders, like grouping all files from a submission into a folder with the entry ID.
  • Available in File Upload, Multi-file Upload, and Post Image fields.
  • Rename files in File Upload Pro enabled fields, add Unique IDs to filenames, and store renamed files in the Media Library.
  • Rename files using any language or character set. Hallå!

Gravity Perks – File Renamer 1.0.5 changelog

- Added `$form` and `$field` parameters to the `gpfr_filename` filter.
	- Added support for renaming files during `gform_after_update_entry`, which improves compatibility with GravityView.