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Gravity Perks – Advanced Calculations


Gravity Perks – Advanced Calculations features

  • Spreadsheet style math directly in your form.
  • Specify multiple formulas in the same field; use the right one based on your conditions.
  • Simplify your formulas with our field reference shorthand. No more cumbersome merge tags!
  • Clarify your complex formulas and spot issues quickly with automatic syntax highlighting.
  • All calculations are recalculated on submission for accuracy and security.
  • Automatically enhances all calculation-enabled fields like Number and Calculated Product fields.

Gravity Perks – Advanced Calculations 1.0.16 changelog

- Fixed issue where Merge Tag Shorthands would use pricing field choice values instead of prices which does not match the default Gravity Forms behavior nor how it would be handled after submission. If you wish to use a pricing field choice's value, you will need to switch from the shorthand to a full merge tag with a modifier such as `{:1:value}`.