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LearnDash Course Grid


LearnDash Course Grid features

  • Responsive grid layout of courses
  • Filtering by category
  • Display course featured image and short description
  • Featured video support
  • Dynamic price listing
  • Dynamic status listing
  • Progress bar support
Version 2.0.6
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Author URL https://www.learndash.com/add-on/course-grid/
Changelog * Added translation support for block strings * Updated added back learndash_course_grid_custom_button_text filter hook * Fixed missing course grid translations * Fixed slow queries in sites with a large number of users (10,000+) * Fixed allow max/min prices to be empty * Fixed correctly set max-min width * Fixed shortcodes having additional parameters in their tag * Fixed don't show ribbon if course is closed or has no price * Fixed grids not displaying correctly in Elementor * Fixed skin and card assets not correctly loading in Elementor * Fixed incorrect shared steps URL * Fixed incorrect variable type for implode * Fixed meta box styling * Fixed skins and cards not being filterable * Fixed incorrect post results if taxonimies attribute values are wrapped in quotes
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