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Architecture & Interior Design WordPress Theme

Strux - Architecture & Interior Design WordPress Theme

Strux features

Strux & modern, contemporary Architecture & Design WordPress Theme fits perfectly for a home repair business agency, home interior design bureau, house renovation and remodeling company, as well as any corporate house maintenance services, such as plumbing, decorating, roofing, carpentry firm, construction & remodelling business, architecture company etc.

Strux 1.5.0 changelog

Version: 1.5.0
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: support for the new image generation model DALL-E-3
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option for choosing Stable Diffusion API server (stablediffusionapi.com or modelslab.com)
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option "Autoload list of models" in Stable Diffusion and Stability AI API settings
        - AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: new models for Upscale (Stability AI) and Stable Diffusion.
        - AI Helper: Chatbot AI Assistant to help with basic theme customization (title, tagline, logo, colors)
        - AI Helper: support for Flowise AI API for chatbots
        - AI Helper: support for Open AI Assistants API (GPT-4)
        - AI Helper: support for Google AI API (aka Gemini)
        - AI Helper: parameters for changing text and placeholders in AI Chat, Text Generator and Image Generator shortcodes
        - AI Helper: "Embed External Chatbots" options
        - AI Helper: "LoRA model" parameter for submodels
        - AI Helper: "Proxy URL" parameter for API settings of Open AI and Google AI
        - AI Helper: a "model choice" field in Gutenberg editor, Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes
        - AI Helper: customization parameters for styling a chat window in "AI Chat" shortcode
        - AI Helper: Popup Layout for "AI Chat" shortcode
        - AI Helper: "Remember on reload" option for "AI Chat" shortcode
        - "Permanent" and switcher customization parameters for Dark/Light Switcher shortcode
        - "Categories Order" option for the "Categories list" widget
        - A contact form selection option for individual Team posts that overrides the global option for CPT Team
        - Compatibility with The GDPR Framework plugin
        - Meta data (variations) to the cart page
        - Layout "Simple" for the Hotspot widget
        - An option to change "More" button text for the Categories List widget
        - Script for Bg-Canvas (Dynamic Background) on mobile devices
        - Script for dropdown shift in RTL version
        - PHP 8 compatibility: $content=null replaced with $content=''
        - Switcher and Image Generator scripts
        - Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS (xxx_is_external_url() function)
        - Text shifting for "Background Text" module
        - "WooCommerce Search" filter
        - Styles for video added in portfolio items
        - SVG icon animation in the Icons shortcode
        - Blogger shortcode styles
        - QW Extension addon (to version 1.4.1)
        - Elementor styles
        - Gutenberg styles
        - Cookie Information plugin installation recommendation