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BuddyBoss Theme features

  • Member Profiles
  • Custom Profile Types
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Profile Permissions & Rules
  • Social Groups
  • Forum Discussions
  • Member Connections
  • Private Messaging
  • User Invites
  • Notifications
  • Network Search

BuddyBoss Theme 2.4.70 changelog

* Bug: Core - Typo in the theme option> custom code section is now changed from "Then" to "Than"
* Bug: Core - When debug log was enabled in PHP 8.2 this then caused an error
* Bug: LearnDash - The UI was not displaying ‘Answered’ questions on the quiz question display but was still showing when a question was answered correctly
* Bug: LifterLMS - LifterLMS quiz button has now proper spacing when the lesson has a YouTube block inserted
* Bug: MemberPress - French language, the value of the membership price within the membership group page in MemberPress no longer breaks if the price value is thousands or millions
* Bug: Menus - Custom pages added to profile dropdown menu now redirects to the correct page from both the admin dashboard(backend) and frontend
* Bug: Styling - Fixed toast message spacing issue on the edit profile page
* Bug: Styling - Profile Notification buttons were broken when minimizing screen size
* Bug: Styling - The grey border color no longer shows after liking/unliking posts
* Bug: Styling - UI issue on the Course Panel and Section header is now showing 15px instead of 16px
* Bug: Styling - UI issues fixed for the loading icon display and the close icon in the member search bar