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Recent Visitors For BuddyPress Profile


Recent Visitors For BuddyPress Profile features

  • The plugin records users who viewed profiles recently
  • Based on your settings, a user can see who viewed their profile
  • You can show the most popular users on your site over a period of time. For example, you can list top 10 users on your BuddyPress site over last 30 days(or 7 days etc)
  • You can also turn on/off the plugin(using code) for users based on roles. For example, you may charge users (Using any of the subscription plugin) and based on their status, you can use a small snnipet of code to show/hide the recent visitors.
  • The plugin comes with widget for most popular BuddyPress users as well as shortcodes for listing the most popular users on BuddyPress site, recently visiting user for a given user(or logged in)
  • The plugin also lists the most recent visitors of a user on his profile, in the members directory( a new tab) and if enabled, with a new component on profile(where user can see who visited them in last 7 days, 30 days and all time).
  • All the plugin features can be turned off easily